Queen's English Academy


Queen’s English Academy


Branding, Corporate Identity, Visual Design, Video Production, Web Design and Development

Queen’s English Academy is an online English learning website to help you increase every area of children’s language abilities. They offer thousands of resources for you in the form of video, listening, reading, quizzes, and worksheets, on a wide range of topics.

queen's website

Queen’s English Academy being a startup has no Brand Identity and a website where they can offer their English courses. They approached me with a general idea on what they need and how they want their website to work.


I took the necessary steps to build Queen’s English Academy’s brand identity with the idea coming from a bulb and a crown that represents monarchy and education/learning/spark of an idea with the colors signifying royalty. Aside from this, I developed a website with a Learning Management System to track the progress of every online learner. On top of the above mentioned solutions, I produced a video for them that represents their vision.

As a result of these efforts, I successfully built the solution that Queen’s English Academy was looking for to start their online business and provide a systematic solution to their students for a very affordable price.